first steroid cycle

The time has come in your life where you’re ready to start your first cycle of anabolic steroids. You’re nervous, you’re excited, and you probably have a million questions. The web is filled with great websites offering a wealth of information on various beginner stacks, purchasing options, etc. But most websites don’t take you through the standard medical, legal, and other questions that you should consider before making that first order or plunging that first needle. Here are a few questions to get your mind churning.

Do you have any existing medical conditions?
Look at the list of side effects for the steroids you are about to take. If you’re already suffering from certain maladies, steroids will make those issues much worse, very quickly.

Do any genetic deficiencies run in your family?
First-time users rarely consider this question. However, it should be. If a certain kind of cancer affects people in your family, steroids will make you more susceptible to suffering from it.

Do people in your family die of heart attacks at young ages?
Steroids will raise your blood pressure. If you feel you’re already at a risk of health problems at a young age, steroids might not be for you.

Are you on probation/under watch for any crimes?
If you are on probation for a crime and subject to drug testing, you should wait a while before using anabolic steroids. Secondly, if you believe you are under surveillance for any crime – real or imagined – it’s not a good time to have packages from China delivered to your door.

Does your place of employment have a strict drug testing policy?
When you add your first 15 or 20 pounds of bulk, everyone you work with will very likely think “steroids!” every time they see you. Be prepared for “random” drug tests to come your way at work.

Do you have a doctor?
You may feel young and invincible right now. However, when you introduce anabolic steroids into your body, you are going to experience many side effects you may not expect. Have a doctor handy should you notice a negative change in your body.

Are you sure of the authenticity of the steroids from your source?
Are you ordering from a trusted friend at the gym, or some anabolic steroids website in Thailand? If you’re not sure of the validity of the source, keep looking for better sources.

How long have you been training?
If you have been training for two years or less, it’s simply too soon to try steroids. You’ll burn out your receptors before you’ve reached your natural potential. Wait a few years. You’ll be glad you did!

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