dragonpharma.net reviews

DragonPharma.Net Reviews

Anabolic steroids are becoming famous day by day. Every bodybuilder wants good quality anabolics in low price. DragonPharma.Net allow the users to enjoy bodybuilding without any headache of ash or odor. DragonPharma.net is one of the leading companies providing first class anabolic steroids worldwide. The main feature of dragon pharma is its innovative high quality. Other brands in the market have underdosed products. It introduces quality raw material in steroids due to which a lot of people are moving towards this manufacturer. International shipping facility is also available through which you can order your package from any place in the world.

Athletes and buyers have different reviews about dragonpharma.net. Some considers it the biggest invention in the traditional market whereas others are annoyed at the quality of anabolic steroids provided by them. One of the satisfied customers said that I really enjoyed shopping on dragon pharma. I tried Enantat 250 and it was awesome. I am going to try some other testosterones too but right now I love what I have right now. Another said that they provide you some outclass anabolics. Delivery system is very fast and packaging in very good. Quality is just fine and you got a lot of gains for each cycle. I recommend all of you to try this at least once in your life. One said that they have the no.1 testosterone with fast delivery system. He added that I ordered steroid after stopping from another brands and it was great to use the new DP steroid. Customer support helped me to choose the right package and I am very happy with the products of dragon pharma. Another said that I have tried a variety of steroids but nothing is comparable with dragon pharma. This is the only brand that is suitable for bodybuilders who love strong hit. Customer service is also good and they give you free prizes on your order which is really wonderful. There are a few customers who are not happy with the price charged by them. One of them said that they charged very high as compared to other steroid companies in the market. They should reduce their rates otherwise no one is going to buy anything from them.

On the whole, it’s an awesome DP anabolics provider. It’s best for those who like to have a strong cycle. Charging is very simple and people are very happy with the delivery system. Few are complaining about the prices but that’s what comes with great quality. You have to pay reasonable amount to buy quality steroids. It’s one of the best anabolic brands in the world. On the basis of user’s comments and reviews, I would love to give it 5 out of five stars. You should definitely try this one if you are a professional bodybuilder.

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2 thoughts on “DragonPharma.Net Reviews

  1. DragonPharma.net is hands down the best out there! Excellent communication, easy to follow payment, and great gear!! I will def be ordering again.

    I had one question relating to shipping and tracking info and DP had online support that got be the info I needed. They also sent emails to me about my issue and where to contact if I had anymore questions. Made me feel comfortable about ordering.

    Packing was nice and tight! Everything was there and not damaged. Took about 15 days from time payment was received.

    This is my 8th week on and I feel the gear really turning on. It took about 3 weeks for me to really start seeing and feeling the results. I could def feel it about 12 days in but not full throttle. The gear is good quality, I may decide to go with another brand just to see how my body reacts to it next time. Not saying DP is a bad product at all I just like to switch it up. I’m taking 750mg test e and 500mg of deca every Monday and thurs. I’m gonna switch to the test prop and npp about week 10 and run tren ace with it( already had) just to really cut up. My starting weight was 190 and now I’m 214. I’m keeping up with eating good and getting protein in. I’ve been adding 5 to 10 pounds every week on sets, strength has gone up, and stamina has been awesome. It’s like I could lift twice a day if I wanted to. Test e has not given me any water weight but I can def tell alittle puffy look from the deca. I will not use all my gear this cycle I will have a bottle of deca and test e left and I’m saving the clen for the end of this cycle and next. I did try the clen 80 mg was perfect / 100mg gave me the shakes. Great gear! Great service! DP is solid!

    Prob gonna try hgh, cut mix , and var next.

  2. I have been ordering from DRAGONPHARMA.NET for over a year and a half. We have never had any problems with them at all. In fact, when one of our order didn’t arrive, they sent a duplicate order free of charge and even when the original shipment did show up a week later, they never asked for another payment. Have always been been pleased with doing business with them.

    They have always responded promptly to any concerns or questions that I have had in regard to my shipments.

    Tightly and discreetly packaged-

    Orders have included NPP, Anavar, Turinabol, Test Enanth 250, Arimidex, Proviron, cutting stacks, and clen.

    Have been very happy with the quality of the products.

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