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Why Primobolan Is The Best When It Comes To Anabolic Steroids

Over the years, what is classified as “common anabolic steroids” has certainly changed. There have been two decades of “designer” steroids now, as everyone in this hemisphere with a chemistry set and the phone number to the powder lab in Hong Kong have altered molecules ever so slightly to design their own unique brand of pro-hormone, or semi-steroids. These drugs can be effective, but they can also be highly dangerous in terms of liver damage and cosmetic side effects – including gyno, hair loss, and more. However, one drug that has been steadily available for years, and it still useful and prime among users, is Primobolan.

Primobolan is available in both oral and injectable doses. Based upon the compound methenolone and uses with Enanthate esters, the drug has been used by champion bodybuilders for decades. Some of the top stars of the muscle world from 1960 to 1980 relied on nothing but Primo, and it sure showed them results.

Primobolan, like many common anabolic steroids, is ideally dosed orally for men at 100 mgs per day, and women 10 mgs per day. In its injectable form, men should stick with 400 to 600 mg per week (divided into two shots) and women at 100 mgs per week maximum. The drug is active in the body for almost two weeks after use, and can be detected in a drug screening for up to 5 weeks after last shot.

If you are looking to add some real muscle to your body, then Primobolan is a terrific option. There are some legitimate medical uses for Primobolan as well. Patients suffering from wasting illnesses have found Primobolan to be a lifesaver – literally! Users of if who have seen significant weight loss due to advanced AIDS or cancers have seen their bodyweights skyrocket, and their strength levels climb at the same time. It has also been shown to reduce the size of breast tumors in patients with cancer.

Primobolan is a terrific bulking drug, which puts it near the top of the list of common anabolic steroids used by younger users seeking to add a lot of weight to their frame in a very short while. Primobolan alone is not enough to facilitate monster weight gains, however. It needs to be coupled with quality eating, training, and rest. Your diet should consist of 5 to 6 meals a day, each consisting of two solid protein sources and two carb sources. Your training should be slow and heavy, utilizing compound movements 4 to 5 days per week. Exercises such as squats, bench press, military presses, and heavy barbell rowing will help you, along with your bi-weekly shots of Primobolan, to increase your strength which in turn will lead to an increase in muscle mass.

In small doses, Primobolan isn’t all that impressive. At 600 to 800 mg, however, users are very happy. The price tag can be a bit steeper than standard testosterone shots, but users are often willing to pay a bit more for that “punch” that Primo delivers every time. Give it a shot, and see if Primobolan is right for you!

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