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In life there exist a very thin line between what we wish for and what we can attain, sometimes, what we can attain just becomes a wish or a wish becomes the surest and the easiest thing we can achieve. From the eye of a bodybuilder or that person among us, who hold the audacity and inclination to possess his wishes and achieve his dream, sometimes dreams are not wishes nor wishes are dreams, simply because they can achieve the wildest of human cravings.

Basically, when a person reflects on anabolic steroids, the vital thing which ring bells in his/her mind is physical fitness and the ability to live the way he/she was not living before. For professional bodybuilders, theirs is the true testament of what men and women who set their mind on physical fitness can achieve. It is clear from the onset that it is not possible for the lot of us with wishes of being the heaviest weight lifters and magical power lifters to just attain exactly that, we have challenging physical issues that make these specific wish a bitter pill to swallow.

If one would take some time to muse and surf the Internet or his neighborhood, the fact that steroids are in reality working and changing people’s lives would be clear like the mid-day sun. Many o those bodybuilders were people of low stature, with their dreams and fetishes being larger than their bodies. Today these individuals sport the best bodies, the strongest and even some have become action star actors and recognition has not just stopped lining their silver castles. It is not hard to decipher these issues, that man believes in having the best on his side, if not the best earning an income for him. The ugly and misshapen has no place among us, and so it is tantamount to stating that what one needs is a new attitude, a better way of doing things and complete dedication to the pains of bodybuilding ways. It does not come naturally even if one is using steroids; it comes all from sheer power that depicts courage and discipline.

In essence, anabolic steroids have given a lot to men and women who dare to dream and act. As afore-mentioned, man does not appreciate the colorless and misshapen, but worships the beautiful and shapely. It is not hard to see this at play. For the last five or so decades, and as the big cinema continues being depicted as the greatest invention that man has ever produced, the craving for better people to watch and big guys to worship has been the most recurring thing in the cinema. Think of Arnold Swazenegger, and Sylvester Stallone, and what comes into mind is big bodies with acute precision in physical ability. Many kids grow seeing and emulating this and for those who die without having achieved such physical mightiness, theirs will be lives of regret and despair.

For those who have discovered the secret, it is not about sheer will power alone, but the use of the right substance of physical enhancement, the impeccable use of anabolic steroids for what life is worth.

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testosterone suspension

Testosterone Suspension is an injectable testosterone suspended in a water solvent – usually 100mg/ml . Testosterone Suspension is one of the oldest androgens available; it was originally developed some 40 years ago. Testosterone Suspension has been used by athletes for decades and still has quite a following who like the fast action of the drug. Since it is in a water base, it gets in the blood in a matter of hours and has a life of around a day. This requires that the compound be administered frequently.

The worst thing about this is that shots are often painful which can lead to a very uncomfortable cycle. Still, hundreds of athletes sacrifice comfort to reap its rewards which often include dramatic gains in size and strength. I know for a fact that hundreds of powerlifting records have been obtained with the help of testosterone suspension. Many championship physiques were aided by the long term use of this drug as well. Unfortunately, this drug is very hard on the system. It is high in androgens, aromatizes easily and it is hard on the liver. The prolonged use of testosterone suspension will severely suppress the natural pituitary hormone axis, resulting in serious atrophy of the testicles and infertility.

Although these symptoms are reversible, many athletes find them unacceptable. Due to the large percentage of exogenous testosterone that is converted to DHT in the system, acne and male pattern baldness can result. As with other testosterones, users often find that the rapid gains increased aggression is another common side effect associated with the use for some users that it is grounds for avoiding this item altogether. Another very noticeable effect from this drug is that it can dramatically increase the sex drive when it is used in the short term, but, as with other testosterones, the long term use can lead to impotence and sexual dysfunction. It is still very popular for powerlifters to use testosterone suspension every day for the last couple weeks before a contest. This has reportedly yielded some unbelievable last minute strength increases.

A few bodybuilders find that this fast-acting androgen helps harden them up proir to a bodybuilding competition. Some even take the drug the morning of a contest and claim it makes their muscles look harder and fuller. I consider this product to be in the same class as Anadrol – It yields dramatic gains in size and strength yet it has so many potential side effects that it does not fall into an aceptable range in terms of risk-to-benefit. (Just because I see it as an unacceptable risk, does not mean that athletes are going to stop using it.)

Average dosages of testosterone suspension have been in the range of 100mg every other day.


So you’re losing your hair.

Nothing will make a man’s heart drop like that first morning when he wakes up, looks in the mirror, and sees shiny scalp in the spot where he once saw hair. It’s irreversible, and it’s something that all men have to accept sooner or later. Or is it?

The causes of baldness are many. Forty percent of males are genetically pre-destined to be bald. The others go thin and bit more gradually. High testosterone levels contribute greatly to loss of hair. The use of anabolic steroids leads to hair thinning or loss in the vast majority of users.

Men have been fighting baldness for hundreds of years. Herbal quackery held the reigns for many centuries, until recent advances in modern medicine have helped men combat this condition.

Rogaine and Propecia are two popular compounds used to combat baldness. However, not everyone responds to their use, and they only work in certain sections of the scalp. Rogaine, for example, is only to be applied to the “vertex”, or the balding spot in the back of the head.

Hair “plugs” are an alternative, used by plastic surgeons to actually graft new hair follicles to the scalp in patches. This procedure is invasive and unpredictable, and very often unnatural looking. There are all less effective ways, such as scalp massage treatments and of course, the obligatory scalp spray that always runs down the face of the user when the spotlight is the brightest!

Science has been hard at work on a highly effective method of hair replacement that works in everyone without exception. A new technique, called hair cloning, might be the next big breakthrough. Hair cloning involves the creation – through cloning – of hair follicles in a laboratory. These follicles are then injected directly into the scalp of a balding man via needle. Currently, the procedure has shown to regrow hair in patches. However, researchers have yet to figure out how to make the hair grow back consistently, and as thick as it was in the first place. The receptors in the scalp are just too sensitive to testosterone.

Additionally, steroid users will have an especially hard time growing hair, as the DHT levels in the body as a result of artificial testosterone converting, places their scalp receptors in a particularly precarious predicament. For the time being, men will have to choose between steroid use, and trying new ways to combat male pattern baldness, and not using steroids at all. But the cure is coming…