Esiclene is very popular in the bodybuilding world, despite the fact it’s unlike any other steroid. Let’s address some of the commonly asked questions regarding its use in the sport. What is Esiclene? It’s technically a steroid; A very weak steroid, actually. Being neither highly anabolic nor androgenic, it’s not often used for its long-term Read More →

flu preparation bodybuilders

In these scary time of threat levels, talk of pandemics, and the possibility of business closings due to the recently discovered Swine (or H1N1 Influenza A) flu bug, bodybuilders need to be prepared for the possibility of disruptions to the availability of the things they enjoy so much. Let’s make a checklist for everything the Read More →


Originally designed for cattle to increase size and mass before slaughter, Parabolan has become a highly popular anabolic steroid in recent years. Formerly called Finaject, and recently discontinued in medical laboratories, it is still arriving from overseas sources with regularity. Parabolan, or Para for short, is a highly popular anabolic steroid because, well, it’s a Read More →

facts about steroids

It is synonymous that steroids are some of the most popular drugs in the market today and that their use is growing by the day across all nations of the world. What is surprising however is that the popularity of steroids is masked by misinformation and ignorant myths. Even users themselves are often misinformed about Read More →

gamma hydroxybutyrate

Many people – from bodybuilders to doctors to college partygoers – have heard of GHB. It’s had a history as a great way to gain muscle, being a date rape drug, and costing some people their lives. It’s a dangerous yet highly useful drug. Let’s learn more about its origins, uses, and whether or not Read More →


There’s a drug out there known as Furazabol that you probably haven’t heard of. It’s a rare but suddenly emerging drug that has the unique characteristics of lowering cholesterol, arriving in a safe and easy 1 mg size, and delivers good results without any serious side effects. Let’s learn more about Furazabol! Q: Is Furazabol Read More →