“All hat, no cattle” the old oilman’s phrase goes. This expression illustrates the silliness of the man who doesn’t invest wisely. In the marketing world, the phrase “all sizzle, no steak” might be appropriate to describe a similar case, of the product that looks great but doesn’t have many benefits. In the bodybuilding world, the Read More →


“Bob had bitch tits”, or so the movie character famously said. This opening one-liner from Fight Club is perhaps the most mainstream mention of gyno. It introduced a generations of moviegoers to the horror that is male breast tissue growth, although many were already familiar with it. Gyno – What is it? Gynecomastia is a Read More →

managing steroid cycle

With all of the steroid discussion you see on the web today, it seems that sometimes beginner steroid users can feel overwhelmed. They see these detailed lists of complex chemical names. They don’t know what compounds come in pill form, and which goes into a vial to be injected. They see words like cycles, stacking, Read More →

eq 300 by maha pharma

EQ 300, or boldenone undecylenate, is a favorite veterinary steroid of many athletes made by Maha Pharma. Its effects are strongly anabolic, and only moderately androgenic. By itself, it will provide a steady and consistent gain in mass and strength. However, best results are achieved when it is used in conjunction with other steroids. For Read More →

glycemic index

Tackling diet is a difficult matter. There are so many factors involved in stimulating fat loss, maintaining metabolic health and getting lean enough to kick the snot out of your nemesis in a posedown, that any edge is crucial. Enter the glycemic index. You may have heard of it, but I’ll you don’t practice it Read More →

Steroid Stacks

The abuse of steroids follows some clear patterns which are popularly referred to as cycling. In this pattern, many continued doses of steroids are taken within duration of a month and then this is suddenly stopped for a similar length of time. This is meant to give the body time to respond to the new Read More →