sterility in men and women caused by steroids

Getting to Know more about Sterility in Men and Women Caused by Steroids

There have been a lot of talks and discussions about the sterility in men and women caused by steroids. Too many news and issues about the infertility in men and women have been circulating in any part of the world but still, there are a lot of people who take in steroids for the personal gains. If you are interested in taking in steroids, you have to read on further to get detailed information and be aware about the issue of sterility in men and women caused by steroids.

If you search over the internet or in medical books or magazines, you will find a lot of sites that tackle the side effects of steroids. You can find a long list of side effects that also include infertility, impotence, or sterility in men and women caused by steroids. But what is sterility in the first place?

Sterility is actually the inability to reproduce to procreate because of internal problems in men or women, or both partners. This can also pertain to the inability react or be affected by any stimulant for sexual desires. With this problem, any couple will not be able to bear a child as their reproductive organs are affected by the abuse of steroids. This abnormality or problem can be resolved or worst, a permanent condition that will make a big turmoil in a couple’s life.

When you take in steroids, and I say too much steroids, this can affect the tissue building and body building or androgenic effects in both men and women. In men, this can cause in a big reduction in their sperm count. Some even experience erectile dysfunction which is also a big problem when having a sexual intercourse with one’s partner to create another human being. In women, on the other hand, taking in steroids can affect their menstrual cycle which can lead to problems conceiving. This can be a long term effect and with this, pregnancy is never a possibility.

Let’s face it that steroids have medical uses that really help and individual get well. This can be used to lessen swelling, allergic reactions, cure some cancers, and a few more. However, it is also important to note that this can also cause unwanted side effects. If the use of this drug is inevitable, it is much better to consult your doctor first so you can prevent sterility in men and women caused by steroids.

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