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Anabolic Steroids Tip #1:
You must get enough sleep for your steroid cycles to be effective. If you’re not getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, your muscles aren’t recovering, and it means the money you spent on buying your anabolic steroids is worthless. Since you can only buy steroids, but you can’t make them perform magic. Again, anabolic steroids are not magic, they will not create any type of magic without the proper sleep.

Anabolic Steroids Tip #2:
Anabolic Steroids are not made of magic dust and fairy tales (we are saying this again to you, anabolic steroids don’t perform miracles) they will not make you the next Barry Bonds or the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Steroids are a drug designed to be an aid to your existing regiment of training and lifestyle. If you believe taking anabolic steroids alone with no other work will make you the next Arnold, you should not buy any steroids ever! Save yourself the headache. Too many people misuse the drug, don’t be one of them.

Anabolic Steroids Tip #3:
Your food intake is of the utter most importance when you’re using anabolic steroids. Don’t sit back and assume the steroids aren’t working when you have a bad diet. Your body requires an unbelievable amount of caloric and protein intake while anabolic steroids are in the body, so buy enough food and protein to help you grow. Bad diet will mean bad results with your steroid cycles. Consume at least 50% of your caloric intake from protein, and at least 30% of caloric intake from carbohydrates.

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