7steroids.com review

7Steroids.com Reviews

7Steroids.com is an online anabolic steroid store founded in late 2011. The company offers one of the most diverse selection of anabolics, androgens, aromatase inhibitors, fat burners and peptides on the web page. 7Steroids takes pride in its customer service and the quality of every product it sells. In fact it claims to be the top online 7Lab Pharma store. The company claims to have the best brands, prices, and customer service. The site itself looks classy and modern and includes all the crucial features required in the page. Customers can open an account and enjoy countless privileges, all of which will be discussed later on. However, 7Steroids products are only available in USA or EU and cannot be shipped anywhere else. Online payment methods include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, International Money Transfers and Credit Card. The site security is top notch. The retail store, 7Lab, is located in Switzerland.

7Steroids.com Customer Reviews

The company is well-known amongst athletes and bodybuilders. Almost all who shopped here are quite satisfied by the customer service and high end products with reasonable rices. Every customer is treated with care. Customers praise the fact that the company makes sure every buyer gets what he or she wants before exiting the store. Most of them say the products are of top quality as claimed by the company. Even though the price of the some gear is too high, the discounts and privileges available makes every customer make an account in the website.

7Steroids.com Discounts and Other Privileges

7Steroids.com sells products of top quality. That also would mean that products must cost alot of money. That problem is immediately solved by the company’s amazing privileges given to its customers, especially the loyal ones who have an account. These offers include the following:

  • Sales on featured products
  • Fast, free shipping for orders $500 or more
  • Refunds can be recieved if returned within 30 days.

Opening an account unlocks more features for loyal customers.


7Steroids is one of top stores for anabolic steroids. From flawless web design to the great customer service, the website does everything right. The gear and all the brands are of the highest quality. To top it all off, the company provides irresistible discounts that would turn a page visitor into a loyal customer. 7Steroids is a strong recommendation to all bodybuilders. 7Steroids.com receives a well-deserved perfect 5 out of 5 score.

7Steroids.com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Roids.biz
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9 thoughts on “7Steroids.com Reviews

  1. Dude I guess I’m an idiot I can’t figure out where to or who to send the money to get what I want

  2. Just put my order in 4 days ago waiting on confirmation that it’s be sent. Hope everything goes well looking forward to doing more business will post a good review if everything goes well

  3. Been over a week that you received my payment and haven’t heard anything since very disappointing thought this was a good source

  4. You love this source they received my payment 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from them since wrote 6 tickets no response. No communication at all but they picked up money immediately

  5. They received my money 2 weeks ago haven’t heard from them since try numerous times to contact them with no response unhappy up to this point. Hoping they change my opinion about this site

  6. Received my payment 10 days ago have yet to hear anything would like to hear back in when it will be shipped ty

  7. I have wrote numerous tickets about my order and still haven’t been contacted I guess this is a bad source. Well I learned an expensive lesson. It’s sad!!!

  8. I recommend 7STEROIDS.COM. The order and payment process went very smoothly. Constant email updates of process and delivered within 4 working days.

    Good communication throughout process

    Very discreet and secure.

    2 x 100 (20mg) Oxano-lab

  9. My first order with 7Steroids.com.
    After payment, received no email that the items were sent, but if I had looked, “SENT” had appeared on “My Orders” list.
    The packet arrived quickly, the Order all correct.
    Packaging outstanding, very thorough, very secure.
    Happy with the service I received.

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