The positive, and negative side effects of using anabolic steroids are pretty well known to most bodybuilders considering their usage. You probably already know that you’ll see some gains unlike anything you’ve ever achieved in the gym in your natural training journey. Muscle gains will come faster than ever, even without added effort. That isn’t Read More →


All the behaviors which are characterized by the usage of all the substances with an affinity of abuse there are a myriad of adverse results that follow. It does not matter they are short term or even long term. These types of repercussions depict themselves as acne, atrophy, low sperm count, high pressures of blood, Read More →

What is the worst possible anabolic steroids side effect? That answer should be easy – Death, of course! Anything less than that is manageable, and anything more than that is possible. And death, as a side effect, is absolutely unacceptable. But how can you know you are taking your steroids right, and not risking this Read More →