steroid cycle

Usage of anabolic steroids is a planned occasion. This is because one has to prepare and follow a certain laid-out plan. Otherwise, the usage will not only be excessively diabolical but ineffective. Individuals who are now in the abuse or intake of anabolic steroids do follow a fixed pattern of clean usage, which is commonly Read More →


Q: I’m going to take Dostinex in a .5 dose two times a week when I am doing my Tren. I heard it helps with sides of the AAS, like Anadrol and Tren. Any side effects to worry about? A: Dostinex is a dopamine agonist, and is a serious drug. It is made in 2mg Read More →

How much is too much? You can never have too much money, right? Well, once you’re on the radar, your new friends at the IRS will ensure you have a whole lot less of it. Muscle is something you could never have too much of, right? Well, you could reach 400 pounds of muscle, but Read More →