Q: I have been recovering from some light gyno—something I never have had to deal with before now—and I have been taking some Nolvadex. Some of the swelling beneath the nipple is going down, but it isn’t going down all the way and it’s pissing me off because I want to go on another cycle Read More →


Q: What’s the difference between estrogen inhibitors “Arimidex” and “Femara”? I’ve always taken just Nolvadex, but wanted to try these and didn’t know which one would be more effective. Is it true that each new anti-estrogen product is more effective than the last? A: First off, try not thinking of each anti-estrogen as better than Read More →


When female breast cancer is not responding to traditional drugs, doctors often turn to a drug called Femara to help stop the growth. Femara is highly effective in inhibiting aromatization, which allows the cells to grow. As with many drugs that are effective in the medical field, it didn’t take long for bodybuilders and researchers Read More →

letrozle by kalpa

Q: I’m on my 4th week of Testosterone Enanthate – 500 mg/week and I’m also taking 1.5mg Letrozole E.D. as an insurance policy to avoid gyno. I am not experiencing any puffiness or soreness in the area of the nipple, so can I stop using it until I see symptoms again? Also, will Letro hinder Read More →


Nolvadex remedial use is mostly clear and evident from that of other Androgenic-Anabolic Steroids because it is not found within the precipice of anabolic steroids, or androgens for that matter. Male bodybuilders and female trainers have found the substance as exceptional and recommended substance, because it has been trusted for alacrity in terms of results Read More →