oxy (anadrol)

OXY – Oxymetholone by Gen-Shi Labs

You’re a bodybuilder. You’ve been doing this for several years and you just keep finding yourself in the same rut, time after time. You’ve been eating everything in sight for years. You’ve lifted about as heavy as your bones and joints will allow. You sleep 8 hours per night and squeeze in naps every chance you find. You have taken every supplement in the sun. Despite all of your efforts, you are now in a position where the gains are just not coming any more. Maybe you have reached the point where natural gains are no longer going to come at any noticeable rate? If you have researched the positive and negative factors involved with running an OXY (Anadrol) cycle, you may be considering it as a way to literally explode with mass gains. There is no denying you’ll see amazing gains but is it right for you? Let’s answer a few questions to find out.

Have you been training consistently for 5 years?

There is nothing which will deter long-term bodybuilding success more than when a bodybuilder jumps on the anabolic wagon at the age or 15 or 17, years before his natural testosterone levels begin to subside and he actually begins to need them. In those formative years, the best advice one can give is to just avoid any sort of drug particularly a hard oral compound such as OXY until at least five years of consistent heavy training has been achieved.

Are you under 30?

If you’re young and healthy and above the age of 22, OXY may be a good option for you. It is a very powerful drug and can wreak havoc upon your internal organs if taken for too long or in too strong a dosage. Oral steroids such as OXY are very toxic.

Is your goal to gain muscular weight and strength?

If you’re a powerlifter or college wrestler locked into a specific weight class, then OXY may not be the best option for you. It will invariably lead to weight gain in users, due to increased red blood cell count and better protein utilization. If you use it, you will move up on the scale, which can be detrimental to those on college scholarships based upon a weight-class requirement or those avoiding a jump to a much more competitive lifting division.

Do you have high blood pressure?

If you have a family history of high blood pressure, you would be well suited to completely avoiding OXY altogether. It will cause your levels to spike immediately, and if you are at risk of, or already have hypertension, you will be at risk of serious health issues. Compounds such as testosterone will deliver slightly lesser results with far less risk to health.

Can you afford OXY?

The cost of a decent 150 mg daily cycle of OXY is about $5 per day. While the $150 per month added expense may not be of major concern to a white-collar businessmen looking to retain his size and strength as he enters his forties, it could be a major factor in the decision-making process of a college athlete.

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