facts about steroids

Many athletes take steroids to get desirable steroids effects. While the desirable steroids effects may give them an edge in competitions, they do not always count on experience the undesirable steroids effects, which range from mild to serious. Most sporting competitions have outlawed the use of steroids, because the steroids effects really can give the Read More →

mild steroids effects

There is still some controversy as to steroids effects and the potential harm they can do to the body. As with all drugs long terms effects often depend on the type and amount taken before a true analysis can be made. Another factor to consider is how long the steroids have been used. Steroids effects Read More →

steroids side effects

The use of steroids has long been a controversial subject in society at large due mainly to the negative effects they cause in the human body. Although steroid use can be seen quite often amongst body builders and other sports fields, the subject of negative steroids effects continues to be an issue. As the body Read More →

sperm count

Usages of steroids have become a fairly common phenomenon these days especially among the younger age group of men. Things can get scary when reports suggest that using anabolic steroids, the steroids effects on the fertility system of the men is to such an extent that many could get sterile. Men who have used steroids Read More →

male infertility

The side effects of steroid use are pretty well known to those inside the bodybuilding world, as well as those on the outside who have been subjected to countless commercials about the dangers of steroids. Sometimes, these commercials are accurate. However, there are times when they do tend to exaggerate and venture into supposition instead Read More →