steroid addiction

In the world of steroids one has to be very clear on how he gets to use them and the form in which they are obtained not forgetting to have a clear understanding of their legality. Otherwise, neglect has been established as one major causes of steroid abuse, with many people in this business having Read More →


Anabolic steroids cause a lot of undesirable effects on the body. Hair loss, acne, Gynecomastia, and alteration of the body’s natural testosterone production are among the most common. However, whenever the lay-person mentioned steroids and the side effects, the most common response usually pertains to liver damage. “Steroids hurt your liver”. This monotonous phrase has Read More →

endocrine system

If you ever plan on taking anabolic steroids, you should first do your research, spend a few hours reading, and become an expert on the endocrine system. This group of organs controls your body’s hormone production. If you plan to use steroids, you plan to alter your body’s hormone production levels. You also plan to Read More →

bodybuilding steroids

Is it possible that consumption of steroids for muscle building would make you appear tough, strong and more macho? Then think again because there is a lot that you have yet to know about body building steroids. With bodybuilding on the top of the minds of people intending to initiate a revolution, most believe adopting Read More →

muscle gains

When purchasing steroids from either domestic or overseas sources of the illicit variety, the user runs a pretty fair risk of obtaining drugs that aren’t of the highest quality. Many times, they’re actually completely fake. Other times, the compounds have been ‘watered down’ with other compounds, making them somewhat effective but not as useful as Read More →