If you’ve fallen prey to the world of negative press bestowed upon anabolic steroids over the past two decades, then you are probably under the impression that anabolic steroids medical uses are non-existent. In your view (thanks to the brainwashing you may have received from the media and other mainstream outlets), anabolic steroids are only Read More →

medical uses of steroids

With the surge in the uses of steroids, it has become the business of social and medical researchers to ascertain the magnitude of steroids today and in days to come. Theirs is the use of the past uses as depicted by their data from widespread of researches and current usage of the performance enhancer. Their Read More →

The term steroid refers to a group of chemical substances that have almost the same structure. There are three types of steroids that are very well known to most people. These are: a) These are the hydrocortisone-like drugs. They are medically referred to as corticosteroids. These drugs are mostly ingredients in both prescription & non-prescription Read More →